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Google Map of 48.940500, 2.121333

Call sign F5ZEQ
Relay input (your TX) 145.150MHz
Relay output (your RX) 145.750MHz
Power 10Watt
Channel R6
Transmit invitation K . (morse)
Beacons Every 30min or 60min (voice)
Modulation FM, excursion 25 kHz
Modes Analog when in local mode Connected to RFF through Hamnet if enabled
Activation (analog) Subtone pulse 192.8Hz (min 300 ms)
Activation (RRF mode) 96# with DTMF keys
Back to analog mode 95# with DTMF keys
Subtone 192,8 Hz CTCSS
Location 48°56.43 N 2°07.28 E
Locator JN 18 BW 45 NR
Height 104m (341 ft)
City Le Mesnil-le-Roi
County Yvelines (78)
Available 24h/7d

Raymonde 2 (F5ZEQ v2)

Diagram of the relay The relay is now running on Svxlink on a Raspberry Pi 2 with a logic board by F8ASB and F5UII

The relay is by default in autonomous mode, it’s activated by a sound of 192.8Hz triggered by pressing your PTT (has to be programmed).

To connect to the RRF network, the combination of 96# in DTMF has to be transmitted.

Everytime the 96# command is received, the relay starts a timer of 10 minutes that increases of 5 minutes everytime it receives something. If the timer reaches 0, transmitting the 96# command is needed to stay on the RRF network. Otherwise, the relay goes back in local mode, meaning that the relay disconnects from the RRF network.

The reason for that is to have a local relay accessible only to the people living in the reach of the relay. Indeed, it’s pointless to transmit a conversation between locals to the whole francophonie. It’s also a way to save money on electrical consumption.

RFF Réseau des Répéteurs Francophones (French speaking relays network)

Before using the relay, it’s very important to read the instructions from the links below (in french) to avoid disrupting the RRF network which could have the consequences to break it.



Command list

Command Description
12# System information
14# Saint of the day
16# Temperature et humidity
17# Temperature sensors readouts
20# Voltage readout
51# Lannion Airport weather
52# Roissy Airport weather CDG
53# Beauvais Airport weather
55# Le Bourget Airport weather
56# Orly Airport weather
93# IP Address readout
95# Deconnect from RRF
96# SvxReflector RRF
97# SvxReflector FON
98# Technical channel
99# Emergency channel
100# SSTV channel
101# Emergency channel
270# QRP Mode OFF
271# QRP Mode ON
910# Emergency mode OFF
911# Emergency mode ON
939# Svxlink state


1 / 23
2 / 23
3 / 23
4 / 23
Raspberry Pi and logic board
5 / 23
Raspberry Pi and logic board
6 / 23
Raspberry Pi and logic board
7 / 23
Raspberry Pi and logic board
8 / 23
Raspberry Pi and logic board
9 / 23
Raspberry Pi and logic board
10 / 23
Raspberry Pi and logic board
11 / 23
PSU by Yves F1BHY
12 / 23
PSU by Yves F1BHY
13 / 23
Back in progress
14 / 23
15 / 23
16 / 23
17 / 23
18 / 23
Temperature/humidity sensor
19 / 23
Connector for temperature sensors
20 / 23
Connector and temperature sensor
21 / 23
22 / 23
23 / 23
Overview powered on (test frequency)


As you may know, keeping and maintaining a perfectly working relay 24 hours a day demands a considerable invesissment, because of surveillance, technical maintenance or even electricity cost.

As many Ham radio clubs, the club from Sartrouville suffers of the lack of new members and needs your help to keep working.

If you think that this relay is useful for you and want to get involved with its maintenance, we offer you the possibility to make us a donation to help maintaining the relay.

You can send us checks labelled to F5KCK at the following postal address: Radio Club de Sartrouville 78 Quai de Seine 78500 Sartrouville France.

Or you can directly meet us every friday evenings at 9:30pm at the same address.

Or even through internet using the link below:

Donators list

The following is the list of generous donators that we very much thank for their contribution to F5ZEQ